Community Services


Sahaja Yoga’s history in Australia has been one of active participation in society, providing its services free of charge and engaging with both the general public and a diverse range of community groups.  Regardless of race, belief, gender, age or status, these community services are freely available to all.

Sahaja Yoga participants have been involved in providing a wide range of community services such as:

  • General public classes, workshops and courses of meditation
  • Corporate and organisational stress management
  • Personal development workshops within the Department of Corrective Services, gaols, remand centres and immigration detention centres
  • Stress management and personal development courses
  • Clinical medical research (providing unpaid voluntary support)
  • Youth development programs
  • Cultural and artistic projects and performances in music, dance, theatre, literature, and art
  • Unpaid voluntary support for clinical medical research
  • Outreach programmes for Indigenous communities
  • Support for Multicultural & local communities
  • Assisting people in remote and isolated communities
  • Online facilities to educate, support and enrich the public.

Music and the Arts

The culture of SY is also to actively support the artistic pursuits of visual art, music, dance and drama.   Around Australia, Sahaja Yoga musicians from different cultural backgrounds have joined together to create music to promote and enhance a deep meditative experience through their ‘music for meditation’ groups.

Community Social Services

Meditation sessions using SY techniques have been delivered to a wide variety of organisations in the areas of community social services; corrective services; health and wellbeing; Indigenous community; multicultural communities; local and regional locations;  corporate and small businesses.

Online facilities

Various online methods are used to promote and deliver SY services to the community around Australia. These include websites that provide audio and video instructions on how to meditate, multicultural music and location of classes; email subscriptions and newsletters that promote ongoing and special services throughout the year; plus podcasts of selected SY radio programs that can been streamed or downloaded via the website or the iTunes Store to computers and mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPods.